Reliable Handguns for Self-Defense

You only need to watch the news for a few minutes to know that we live in a dangerous world. When you are at home or on the go, you want to feel safe. Protect yourself and your family with handguns for self-defense from RR. We consult with you to determine how you plan to use a firearm, and then we recommend options. Contact us to discuss merchandise availability.
Handgun Surrounded With Scattered Bullets

We Shop Around to Find What You Need

As an online retailer, we do not stock firearms in a building. We research to procure and purchase the gun(s) you request. Rely on our staff to find anything from handguns for sporting and personal defense to hunting. However, if we cannot find the exact firearm you want, we will locate a similar one.

Customer-Driven Sales

Whether you are a first-time gun buyer or a seasoned purchaser, you may want some advice and guidance. We teach you about the right firearm for your needs based on what you tell us during our gun consultation. Our staff believes a knowledgeable buyer is more likely to get what they want than someone who has a limited understanding of guns. We also teach you about the importance of firearm maintenance.