Restore Your Firearm with Gunsmithing Services

You don’t have to meltdown your faulty handgun. Extend the life of your firearm with gunsmithing services from RR. From general maintenance to barrel repair, we do what’s necessary to make your weapon operate efficiently. Reach out to us for details about how we can make your gun fully functional again.
Rifle Hunter Taking the Shot

Complete Gun Services

We offer comprehensive gunsmithing to modify and personalize your guns. Services include enhancing your firearms with optical sights, including scopes, red dot sights, and night sights. These extras help you locate and hit your target. Rely on us to keep your gun in working condition by restoring and cleaning it if necessary.

Replace and Improve

If your weapon needs a new sight, we offer sight replacement for less than a major retailer would charge. We require you to ship us your gun for modifications, and we will return it to you after we complete the service.